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Rooming With A Rando

When you initially think of a roommate you think of living with someone you already know and want to live with. After reading this post about DVL’s experience I hope you’ll reconsider any doubts you may have about living with a rando. Most of us had roommates in college that you either loved or hated, or maybe you were lucky

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Top 5 Things We Miss About Summer

The sun setting at 8pm Falling asleep with the windows open Blaring music in the car with all the windows down Wearing Sperry’s Last minute beach trips & adventures Share with us what you miss the most. The best one will be featured in a post feel free to submit your pictures as well! What trips are you looking forward

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Top Songs of 2019

I’ve created this list of the top songs that regardless of their age continued to be a hit in 2019. Most will never fail to get you in a feel good mood. These are in no particular order – To make it easy the songs are linked directly to Spotify, you’re welcome… If you don’t use Spotify…you should start.

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This is a new game that is a must have going into 2020! Buzzed is a drinking game that gets you and your friends littytitty! The best part is that you can get this before your Holiday & New Years plans with Amazon Prime! Check it out here.

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The Holiday Drinks

This holiday season we will find every reason to drink & DVL is here to tell you what you’re going to be drinking. Your Starbucks order Vente Iced Coffee Black with Frecnch Vanilla & Carmel Drizzle For those wondering what a DVL Special is, it is any drink created by the one and only that will blow your mind on

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