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McGregor def. Cowboy

It was one of the most exciting 60 seconds of sports. Well…more like 45 seconds. McGregor defeated Cowboy Cerrone in less than a minute, Cerrone didn’t land a single punch on McGregor. McGregor came firing at Cowboy as soon as the bell rang. When tangled with Cowboy, McGregor used his shoulder to strike Cowboy in the face, create separation, and

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San Francisco Giants Hire First Female Coach

In the history of baseball, which spans decades upon decades, there has never been a full-time female coach…until today. Today, the San Francisco Giants hired Alyssa Nakken who will be an Assistant Coach to Gabe Kapler this upcoming season. Nakken was previously an intern with the team and also a former collegiate softball player at Sacramento State. Her main responsibility

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OBJ Under Fire For Giving Out Money to LSU Players

On Monday, January 13, 2020, the LSU Tigers became the College Football Champions. It was a commanding victory against a formidable Clemson team who had also gone undefeated to that point. A win like that is cause for celebration. Unfortunately for some LSU players, the celebration was out of hand…literally. Former LSU player Odell Beckham Jr. was caught handing out

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