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Minnesota State Fairgrounds To Open Up For Drive-Thru Experience

Although the Great Minnesota Get-Together was canceled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, state fair food lovers will still be able to get their fix of cheese curds, Pronto Pups and Sweet Martha’s cookies.

Fair officials announced Wednesday that a “food parade” will run through the fairgrounds next month, allowing visitors to buy beloved foods while staying socially distanced in their cars. Sixteen vendors will be featured in the parade. These include Sweet Martha’s Cookie Jar, Mouth Trap Cheese Curds, Tom Thumb Donuts, and other favorites. (Click here for a full list of vendors, menus and prices).

The parade is scheduled to run in three multi-day stretches, starting on Aug. 20. The exact dates are Aug. 20-23, Aug. 27-30, and Sept. 3-7. Tickets must be purchased online. They run $20 per vehicle and are limited. Tickets go on sale July 31.

Along with the fair foods, the 1.5-mile parade route will also feature entertainment, trivia contests and activities. Parade-goers should expect a “multi-hour experience.”

Proceeds from the parade will go towards operations and next year’s fair, officials say, noting that this year’s cancellation has left the fair without 95% of its revenue.

The 2020 Minnesota State Fair was canceled in May. The last time the fair was canceled was in 1945, during the polio pandemic.


Nobody fret, everyone will be able to get their state fair food fix this summer. I’m glad that in at least some capacity the state fair will be able to generate some revenue. With numbers both rising and falling like a roller coaster i’ll take the little bit of normalcy we can get. What’s your favorite state fair food?

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