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New MLB Hall of Fame Entries

In recent days, baseball has left us a bit disappointed with the Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal. But today is a different story.

All-time greats Derek Jeter and Larry Walker have officially entered the Baseball Hall of Fame, both well-deserved.

Jeter was one vote shy of a unanimous entry, his longtime teammate Mariano Rivera is the first and only player to be entered into the Hall unanimously. Jeter also moved past Ken Griffey Jr. with the second-highest vote rate in the history of the Hall (Jeter was 99.7%, Griffey Jr. was 99.3%)

I was surprised that Larry Walker didn’t receive more votes, as he made it into the Hall by just 7 votes. Larry Walker was a phenomenal player, and actually had better statistics than Jeter throughout his career; although you can say Jeter’s career highlights are moments and victories rather than just the statistics.

Congratulations to Derek Jeter and Larry Walker!

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