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Monday Night Football Picks

Recently, the Chiefs have not been even close to the team they were at the start of the season. Obviously, Mahomes went down and missed 2 weeks, but despite being back last week they still lost to the Titans.

Nobody and I mean absolutely nobody knows what you are going to get from the Chargers. Are you going to get the team that lost to the Broncos in week 5 or the team that embarrassed Rodger and the Packers in week 9?

That being said I believe the Chiefs are the much better team, I think they will be looking to avenge last week’s loss, and I think they will come out of the gate flying. I think the Chiefs will win this game, I do not absolutely love them giving 6 points but I still think it is the right play.

Then I’m sticking to my NFL primetime under theory, it has done wonders for me so far this season, last night was a prime example, so why switch it up? 52.5 is a lot of points, I’m sticking to the under.

1 Unit: Chiefs 1Q (-.5)(-110)
1 Unit: Chiefs (-6)(-110)
1 Unit: u52.5 (-110)

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