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This years’ MVP race has been an interesting one to say the least. There are a few different candidates that are deserving of the award for both the AL and NL. Or so everyone thinks…

You’re probably thinking Trout or Bregman on the AL side, and Yelich or Bellinger on the NL side. I’m going to simplify this decision for you…it’s Trout for the AL MVP, and Yelich for the NL MVP, and here’s why.

I get it — Trout is out for the rest of the season and he only played 134 games. But look what he’s done in those 134 games this season:

  • WAR of 8.6 (highest in MLB)
  • 18.3% Walk Rate (highest in MLB)
  • OBP of .438 (highest in MLB)
  • wRC+ of 179 (weighted runs created plus — a statistic used to account for external factors like ballpark or era. A wRC+ of 100 is league average, so Trout is 79 percent above league average this season, which is also highest in MLB)

I should also note that Mookie Betts (last years’ AL MVP winner) played in 130 games last season. I understand that playoffs can play a factor as well, but imagine how the Angels would be without Mike Trout, or if Trout was on a playoff-contending team like Bregman is.

Ok now here’s why Yelich (also injured for the rest of the season) should win the NL MVP:

  • WAR of 7.8 (tied with Bregman 2nd highest in MLB)
  • .429 OBP (2nd highest in MLB)
  • .671 SLG (highest in MLB)
  • wRC+ of 174 (there’s that stat again, second highest in MLB)
  • wOBA of .441 (wOBA measures on-base percentage to a deeper extent, determining how much the player getting on-base is worth in relation to projected runs scored. A player hitting a single has the same OBP as a player hitting a double, but the wOBA stat favors the player hitting the double.)

On top of Yelich’s insane power numbers, he also has 30 Stolen Bases this season (5th in MLB, Bellinger has 14). I mentioned Yelich is injured the rest of the season similarly to Trout…Yelich has accumulated these stats in only 130 games this season.

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