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Aaron Calvin Outed As A Fraud By Twitter, Des Moines Register Promptly “Launches Investigation”

Do the right thing Des Moines Register, fire Aaron Calvin. There was absolutely no reason for a background check on a kid that was raising money for kids in the hospital. Your employee on the other hand needed a better background check, twitter went ahead and took care of that for you!

This pathetic statement goes to show how big of a joke you are and why you are a failing local paper. If you read this, you suck.

Let’s take a look back at some words Aaron shot out into the internet shall we?

I think that is bad right? Can anyone confirm?

Thank you @DMRegister but I want to hear from the mob!

Man, do I love twitter. The internet is such a wild place. No one is immune from the wrath of a twitter mob and I am ecstatic to see what type of statement is released in the morning.

He’s gone private on all social media (obviously) but don’t worry everyone;

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