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WNHL: Here She Comes!

I know you’re clicking on this WNHL social media team but who’s going to show this to their coaching squad first?

This young prodigy is 6 (SIX) years old and she is destined for greatness. I’ve seen hockey players grow up and I’ve seen players become wash-ups, this girl is changing the game. The silky mits, the balance on her feet! Not convinced?

Look at the precision she has! The focus, the form! Mom and dad have done an amazing job at showing her the basics but this girl is going to leave them in the dust and clock in to the hall of fame in record time if she keeps this up.

If you’re still not convinced she’s going to be the number one pick in 2031, here’s a video of her speed on the ice. I will guarantee you that at least one WNHL team will invite her to drop the puck before then and one team will invite her to practice by 16. Dream big, we wish you the best!

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