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Update OnHisTab Launches Latest Podcast with Brian & DVL! – Trust me you’re gunna wanna hear this!

Whats up! Its Dom aka DVL, I’m here with Brian for our pilot episode of OnHisTab that will be released on Wednesday, September 18th, 2019!

We’ve got some hot content coming your way! Stay tuned as we discuss the different ways you can eat an ice cream cookie , the proper way to answer “what’s up” and Brian tries to turn me into a gambling man!

Here’s Some Fun Facts on DVL

Graduated from Nichols College 2018 with a degree Business Administration and a concentration in Hospitality Management.

Most famous for the creation of the “DVL Special” which consists of White Claw, vodka AND/OR tequila, flavored seltzer and at your discretion juice of some sort for some extra flavoring with extra ice. DON’T knock it til you try it!

Instagram: DomVLibrandi

Located: Boston, MA

Celebrity Look- A- Like: Mike The Situation

Favorite Bar: ALL OF THEM

Favorite Drink at a Bar: Vodka Soda w/ orange slice

Favorite Beer: Be Hoppy – Wormtown Brewery

Phone Service Provider: Verizon

One phone or Two phones: DVL uses 2 phones

Current Car: Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit California Edition

Favorite place in the world: Chatham, MA.

Favorite Designer: Louis Vuitton

Favorite TV Show: Veep – HBO

Chipotle or Qudoba or Moes: “GTFO Chipotle hands down, never even been to Moes”


Spotify or Apple Music: Spotify



DVL View All

Boston, MA

Instagram: DomVLibrandi
Snapchat: DomLibrandi95

Check out @OnHisTab

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