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MLB Update 9/16/19

Hey everyone, it’s been a hot minute and I’m fired up to be back and provide you all with some excellent content. I know we’re all caught up in the hype of the new NFL and College Football seasons (believe me I am right there with you), but there’s nothing quite like playoff baseball — which is right around the corner. Only two weeks remain before the MLB postseason is in full-swing, and a lot of things are still “up-in-the-air”. Here are some of the things you should know going into this playoff season.

The American League is stacked with talent, specifically with the Yankees and the Astros (both currently tied for best record in AL at 98-53). Obviously it’s going to be tough to take either of these teams down in the American League, and I would expect that they’ll play each other in the ALCS.

Severino is back on the mound after sitting out the majority of the season due to injury. Historically his postseason numbers aren’t nearly as good compared to his regular season numbers, but his return is certainly something to look out for. For a team that’s won plenty of games with inferior starting pitching, Severino could put the Yankees over the edge depending on his health. If their starters can go a solid 6 innings with a lead in-tact come playoff time, their bullpen WILL seal the deal.

The Astros have proven once agin that they are the team to beat. Had they beaten last years’ Red Sox in the playoffs, there’s a good chance they would’ve won the ‘chip last year. Eyes have been glued on Bregman who seems to be having a potential MVP season (Trout might still win despite his recent injury) and the rookie sensation Jordan Alvarez. Despite those great players I don’t believe enough eyes have been on George Springer. He’s played extremely well this year and is playing great defense as well. Houston’s pitching has been strong, and I believe will continue to be strong going into the playoffs.

The Twins have really surprised me this season, and I think they’ve proven to everyone that they’re the real deal. They’re ahead of Cleveland by 4.5 with 12 left to play, so Cleveland will most-likely have to make a wild card spot — if they can even make it in. I think Oakland will wind up winning the AL wild card game regardless if they face the Indians or the Rays.

The National League has one clear-cut power house being the Dodgers. You could argue that the Braves have earned that right too, but I’d like to see a deeper run in the playoffs before I put them up there with the Dodgers. The rest of the NL is extremely competitive, and anyone can make it far into the postseason. The NL Central and NL East are coming down to the wire. The Cardinals and Cubs are battling for the top spot in their division. After Yelich went down, I thought it’d be safe to say the Brewers would be out of contention, but they’ve proven me wrong with a 9-1 record over their last 10 games.

The Mets have been slowly working their way up to a potential Wild Card spot. They’re still 4 games behind the Cubs at this point, but they have been a very fun team to watch. I would love to see them make it in with their much-improved offense, but their back-end relief has been extremely disappointing — mostly thanks to Edwin Diaz. Chicago, St. Louis, and Washington will be a very tough for the Mets to catch up with at this point. Their offense needs to keep rolling and their back-end relief pitching needs to exceed all expectations if they’re going to catch up and slide into the playoffs.

World Series prediction…the Yankees will beat the Dodgers in 6 games, making the Dodgers 0-3 in the World Series over the last 3 seasons.

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