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WNBA: How far is too far when trying to shoot your shot?

I know everyone is watching Sunday night football and some may say that the WNBA is irrelevant. To those I say, you’re right! None the less I did scroll past this video here and just had to comment on it.

I understand that it’s super scary to be a girl in the world today. I get these women were completely blindsided but I did some digging! Nneka is 6’2 and 174 lbs, that is a BIG girl. I would bet the house on her to take that guy down by herself. She doesn’t need fancy blazer men to come to her rescue. Kind of sexist for them to assume they needed their help don’t you think?

After some time it looks like this guy simply wanted to maybe buy them dinner or take them to Dave and Buster’s and shoot some hoops. How far is too far though? This guy could’ve just done push-ups on the sideline or swiped right on tinder and set his miles to 1. I’m no expert but that sounds way more effective than running on the court and most likely getting fined. As I said though, i’m no expert so maybe this works.

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