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If You’ve Watched Star Wars, You Are Probably Poor.

Image Via: GeekWire

Mr. Plenty makes one hell of a point. I’m not saying he’s right but he’s most definitely not wrong. This guy drives a Bentley and that’s not the only car he has. Don’t worry, this guy is definitely not poor.

Some of you guys may think this is a flex but he is simply trying to make you rich.

This guy makes a million and one good point and if you’ve watched Star Wars I feel bad for you. A lot of you may be reading this and asking yourself if all Star Wars fans are ugly too. Let’s take a look at what your average Star Wars fan looks like.

I’ve had enough. In conclusion Star Wars fans are poor. Not only because of two pictures but take a look at these tweets to fully convince yourself that if you have no watched Star Wars, you should be rich.

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