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MLB Suspends Giants CEO Larry Baer Over Domestic Dispute (Video)

Image Via: NBC
Video Via: TMZ Sports

Giants president and CEO Larry Baer was suspended without pay until July 2, MLB announced Tuesday morning. 
Baer has been away from the organization since March 4, when he requested that the board of directors allow him to take personal time away from the team. Three days earlier, TMZ published a video of a public altercation between Baer and his wife, Pam. 
While Baer was not charged, MLB immediately opened an investigation into the incident and on Tuesday converted that leave into a suspension. Baer will have no involvement with the club and will be required to undergo an evaluation by an expert to determine an appropriate treatment and counseling plan. 

Via: NBC

This isn’t good for the program. I know not every marriage is perfect and even the best of lovers don’t get along sometimes. This seems to take place in a patio where there are A LOT of people. Good pal Larry must of have been trying to take the phone back to hide his mistress’ nude. I’m not saying he definitely is cheating but he’s definitely cheating.

Since I am a true advocate for equality I will also say that maybe shes banging the pool boy. It’s all possible in 2019! I’m happy no one was hurt and that they will go to counseling but will this affect his decision making going in to the season?




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