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How Will Alex Bregman Spend $100 Million Dollars?

Image Via: NBC Sports

100 million dollars is such a fake money number. I have trouble imagining $10,000 in my account let alone 1 or 100 million.

I took it upon myself to pick out a house for my good friend Alex.

Image Via: Zillow

For the small price of $18,950,000 Alex can get a house situated on over an acre and a half of land. Five bedrooms and nine baths, what more could you possibly want?

How about a $60,000 truck to drive around in downtown Houston? After all the necessities he still has 90% of the money he is being paid so lets get crazy.

Image Via: Taxidermy Store

For a mere $79,000 he can have a life size elephant in his beautiful front yard to greet all his guests as they come in.

I’m not saying he should buy these things but he definetly should buy these things and then invest in On His Tab

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