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The NCAA’s Brilliant Marketing Move: Posting A Completely Inaccurate Video Of Being A Student Athlete

Image Via: @NCAA

I’m going to get out ahead of the story and say I was in fact not a student-athlete in college. Let’s take a look at what is factual in this video and the 90% they left out.

7 am: Wake up (accurate)

8 am: Class

1 pm?: Sprint across campus

2 pm: Hangout and millennial dance on the quad

5 pm: Game

7 pm: Library with friends

9 pm: Sleep

If this is what the NCAA actually thinks this is an accurate representation of a student athletes schedule they are sadly mistaken. Where’s the morning lifts, tutoring and captains practice? This is banana land, really. Where was team breakfast, game day meetings and working a part time job so you can afford drinks on the limited days during the semester you could drink?

Other than my short stint where I didn’t make the soccer team in college, this is what I think it’s like to be a student athlete. My thoughts are a million times more accurate than this short video the NCAA put out today.

They did a great job at getting everyone buzzing about the NCAA before March Madness. I’ll be posting a blog up with first round picks soon, stay tuned.

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