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Redemption Time: NHL Picks

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Last night was the first time I’ve had a bad night for picks. Going 1-3 just isn’t like me. So its time to redeem myself and get some correct picks going. We have a ton of games starting within the next hour. Tonight’s predictions are as follows….

Rangers take on Detroit. I’m going Rangers on this one even though both these teams really aren’t playing for anything.

Habs visit the Flyers. Must win for the Habs after a couple bad games. I’m expecting them to grab a big road win tonight.

Bruins up against the Islanders tonight. I got Bruins in Pasta’s return.

Penguins vs Hurricanes. Penguins win this one. They’re hottttt right now.

Capitals take on the Devils. Easy pick for me, Caps.

Heavyweight battle. Preds vs Toronto at Bridgestone. Going Predators.

Avalanche vs. Wild. I got Colorado tonight.

Blues against the Oilers. Blues are winning this one.

Stars vs. Panthers. Stars win this one, they’re still in the race a bit so it’s important two points for them.

Jackets vs. Flames. Let’s pick Calgary.

Not a lot of insight on the picks today. Just hoping for a big bounce back night.

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