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Everyone Should Keep Bullying James Dolan Into Selling The Knicks

Image Via: Mary Altaffer/Associated Press

Let’s address the important things first here, James Dolan just walked out of MSG with not only one but FOUR absolute smokes of. If anyone has these girls Instagram @’s please let us know on twitter (for research purposes).

James Dolan is so soft. How do you get that rich with having such thin skin? I mean I completely agree with this fan on the fact that the Knicks should be sold. They should’ve been sold 3 years ago but what do I know?

As a common man I want Knicks fans to band together and bully James Dolan into selling this team, we don’t deserve to be banned for wanting to be happy. We are the laughing stock of the NBA and I think it’s time for something to change.

Senator Brad Hoylman had this to say after the video surfaced, “Madison Square Garden gets over $40M/year in property tax breaks. If James Dolan wants to treat it as his private stadium & ban fans for merely suggesting he sell a team, then perhaps Albany should take his lead—and redirect those public dollars to Penn Station’s MTA facilities.”

James Dolan has run this team to the ground. #FIREJAMESDOLAN #FREETHEKNICKS

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