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Minnesota State Hockey Tournament

Image Via: Visit St.Paul

This week we kick off the Minnesota Boys High School Tournament and I could not be more excited to be in attendance. Here’s a bracket of the games that are schedule to take this week in both class A and AA.

We’ve got a line up of great games starting Wednesday morning leading up to the championship games taking place on Saturday at 12PM and 7PM. You can buy tickets to the single A games in advance for $17. That isn’t the case to go see future stars in the AA division. You can not purchase Season books (Tickets for all games in AA) this year or the next. The waiting list is 10 years long. They only release a limited amount of tickets every year one hour prior to game time. You bet your ass I’ll be waiting in line in the snow at 4PM. Think I’m crazy? The attendance in yearly has reached numbers upwards of 18,000. The 2015-2016 attendance broke records:

2015 – 21,609 fans attended the 2015
2016 – 22,244 fans attended the 2016

If you’re still not convinced you should attend or watch on T.V. take 25 minutes out of your day to watch The Dream State.

I’ll follow up this blog with another blog with some of the biggest names to play in the tourney tomorrow. Let’s play some hockey!

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