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Eli Manning Is Going To Ruin Another Giants Season

Photo Via @BleacherReport

During a press conference at the NFL Combine, Shurmur said that he thinks Manning has years left in the NFL and that he can help the Giants win games. However, GM Dave Gettleman says he could see a scenario where Manning has competition with a veteran or rookie.


I’m sick of being a loser but obviously Pat Shurmur isn’t. I mean let’s be real here, we all know that Eli is no longer in any shape to be playing in the NFL and he should’ve retired at the end of his mediocre 5-11 season.

As a life-long giant fan this is the worst team I’ve seen in 20 years.


We need to draft a QB. There is no argument in my eyes that anyone can make that will convince me otherwise. We have 10 picks which I think is the most the team has had in recent years. Below is a break down of each round.

Round 1: N.Y. Giants (#6 overall)
Round 2: N.Y. Giants (#37 overall)
Round 3: None
Round 4: N.Y. Giants, New Orleans (#108/#132)
Round 5: N.Y. Giants, San Francisco (#142/#143) Round 6: N.Y. Giants (#180)
Round 7: N.Y. Giants, L.A. Rams*, Minnesota (#245/#232

Here’s to another season of bad Giants football!

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