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Minnesotan Sets World Record For Longest Ice Hockey Pass

Source: The Guinness World Records has certified that the longest ice hockey pass was made on a mirror-smooth Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis late last fall. The passer: hockey enthusiast Zach Lamppa, of Detroit Lakes. The recipient: Stanley Cup champion and Wild and Gophers analyst Tom Chorske. A Guinness representative on hand for the Nov. 20 effort said that his bosses in London determined that the pass must exceed 894 feet, or the length of nearly 4½ NHL-size rinks.

Image via: Twitter

I wasn’t able to link the video in this blog, watch the full video here:

The guys laced up in late November in hopes that they would break a world record. I googled a few other people that have tried and failed miserably. Lamppa and Chorske were able to practice a few times before going on record for their first official try. All came up short.

Once on the books Lamppa was able to slide one 904 feet and 4 inches. He brought the record back to the state of hockey, the bold north. Minnesota baby!

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