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Megan Greenwell is Using Puerto Ricans To Get Clicks And I Will Not Be Silenced.

Image Via: Awful Announcing

Source: “They want to be some kind of moral arbiter, but whose morality?” he said. “They really sound like a parody of being self-serious.”Greenwell pushes back at that critique, even as she occasionally embodies it. When explaining that she lives in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood, she added, “but the part where a lot of Puerto Rican families live.”

I write to you from my humble abode in Minnesota but not the hipster part. The part where a lot of Hispanic people live!

Megan Greenwell is using the good Puerto Rican people to push a narrative that neither myself or my Puerto Rican brothers and sisters will accept. I do not want to be associated with a monster who would say the following;

 “Trump ruined everything. Barstool ruined everything.”

I demand an apology from you Megan, not only to me but to the Puerto Rican population that has suffered at the hands of your “website”.

Follow @Onhistab on Twitter and Instagram and join us as we fight the good fight!

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