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Where will Bryce wind up?

Only about a month away from the 2019 MLB season, and Bryce Harper is still a free agent. We just saw Manny Machado sign a huge deal with the Padres, so where will Bryce wind up?

There are a few potential suitors for the All-Star outfielder, and I’m going to break down how likely each one is to landing Bryce.

The first and least-likely option is Washington. Obviously this has been Bryce’s home for the past few years, and the Nationals have said that they will not be signing Harper back. Plus, their outfield without Harper and his price tag , is more than capable of producing big numbers.

The second, but fairly unlikely option would be San Diego. Yes, they just spent a gazillion on Machado, but they still have plenty of money to spend, even on a guy like Harper. Like I said, unlikely that they sign him, but the signing of Machado might make Bryce more intrigued to join him.

A likely candidate for Bryce is the San Fransisco Giants. They need help offensively, and they can afford him, plain and simple. This team has really struggled over the last few years. Adding a guy like Harper would revitalize that clubhouse if Bruce Bochy mentioning it’s his last season didn’t fire them up enough already.

Another team to watch for is the Yankees. They can afford him, they’ve got a great team already, and Harper would make a killing in that short porch. I know they have Stanton, Judge, Hicks, Gardner, etc, but adding Harper only makes you better and deeper.

The most likely candidate for landing Harper is the Phillies. They play in the same division, they’re a good team that’s one great player away from being a serious contender, and they have the money to go get him. If the Phillies don’t get Harper, it’ll be a major disappointment, especially because they couldn’t get Machado either.

I expect Harper to be signed within the next week or so. I also expect him to sign a deal bigger than Machado and Stanton. Don’t be surprised if Harper’s deal nets him over $30 million per year. Consider all that info on my tab.



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