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Mr. Kraft Loves A Nice Rub and Tug

This has Roger Goodell written all over it. Mr. Kraft was on a long list of people that were apart of a sting operation happening at this rub and tug joint in Florida. The Pats win the Super Bowl and all of sudden this happens? Goodell can’t get anyone to beat them on the field so he’s going to do anything to ruin any personnel legacy from the Patriots when he has the opportunity.

Let’s be honest gentlemen. Who doesn’t love a nice rub and tug joint? These places were God’s gift to Earth for men. If you haven’t been to one I highly recommend to check one out. At the end of the day it’s almost like everyone around the Patriots get more dumb. You don’t think these allegations against Mr. Kraft aren’t going to encourage Tom Brady and the boys to go win number 7? You’re dumb if you don’t think it will happen.

What is so funny to me is that apparently there is a lot more names on list that are going to make the people go bananas. Unless we get the rest of the names or not this is going to make my mind go crazy. All the possibilities that could be on the list. I mean come on its so obvious for names such as President Trump, Tiger Woods, Timmy Tebow, Johnny Sausage?? But at the end of the day what pisses me off most is the people including this with sex trafficking. NO that is not what happened. What happened is Mr. Kraft was horned up and needed his rope jerked off which he paid probably like fifty plus bills for.

P.S. Happy National Margarita Day!

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