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Party In The Club?

If you haven’t heard yet, an NYPD commander by the name of Emanuel Gonzales, told his officer’s to target infamous celebrity 50 Cent, and shoot him on sight. Apparently, the threat was made when 50 Cent was attending a boxing match on June 7th last year.

A month before the boxing match, Gonzales claims that 50 Cent and many of his followers threatened Gonzales on Instagram. This coming from a post 50 Cent put up at one of his favorite clubs, Love and Lust in Sunset Park. And of course, the owner of Love and Lust is suing Gonzales for demanding 11 round-trip tickets to Puerto Rico and a generator.

After the owner denied Gonzales’ requests, the precinct that Gonzales represents warranted club violations, thus shutting down the club…so, no more parties in that club.

Why has this story has resurfaced now instead of when it happened? I’m not sure. Is it a publicity stunt? Is this a legitimate threat to 50 Cent? Either way, 50 Cent has mentioned that he will be pursuing legal action. Live from Confusionville, I’m Johnny Sausage. Don’t worry about the bill, consider that dose of info on my tab.

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