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NASCAR Season Kicks Off At Daytona!

Well well well, NASCAR isn’t my go to sport to watch at all but when I hit my junior year of college it became tradition to watch the race every Sunday depending on what was going on. One of my close friends and I had NASCAR on the TV one day extremely hungover and not moving from the couch and asked each other why the hell are we watching this. Then this great idea popped into our heads. “Lets just make a drinking game out of this”. From there, after Football Sundays were done I had something to look forward to on Sundays again.

Now going into the race yesterday. I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for a sporting event that involved cars traveling at a little under 200 mph, in a circle, for two hundred laps. Kevin Harvick was my man yesterday. For Christ sake look at his vehicle he is rocking this year.

My favorite beer ever is Busch light. So its fair to say Kevin Harvick is my guy going into every race. Unfortunately he got clipped in a crash and I don’t believe he finished. Speaking of crashes there were so many yesterday it was very entertaining but at the same time I’m thankful that none of drivers suffered injuries. Or else I’d look like the biggest dick saying that while all these drivers competed very hard to try and win the big one at Daytona.

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