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B-Minus Weekend Picks, Recap And Bonus Pick

Happy President’s day to all! Hopefully you’re reading this from home but if you’re like me then you are sitting in a cube just trying to make it to 5 P.M. So let’s recap my picks from this past weekend.

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Minnesota Wild -1½

I said going into this weekend that the Wild at home was they way to go and they were until the Devils rallied to an OT win. The Wild were off to a good start through the first period leading 2-0. New Jersey trailed 4-1 late in the second period but were able to get 2 back before the third. The Devils would go on to force OT and crushing my first pick of the night.

Boston Bruins -190

A winner! My only one at that but we’ll get to my record later. The win over the Kings was the 5th straight game the B’s have won. The bruins are now 7-0-3 in their last 10 games so do with that information what you must.

Toluca +231 (Liga Mexico Primera Division)

Toluca absolutely fucked me. They took a total of 5 shots in 90 minutes, 0 of which were on target. The team managed to posses the ball for a mere 42% of the game but managed to get 16 fouls and 1 red card! Absolutely terrible pick on my part.

Kevin Harvick +1000

Ricky Stenhouse J.R. +1400

I watched 60% of the Daytona 500 on Sunday and from what I did watch Kevin Harvick and Ricky Stenhouse J.R. both deserved better than a 13/26 place finish.

So update the books folks, I am now 1-3 so I will be giving a bonus pick for tonight. We are going with;

Illinois +9

Ride with me or put it On His Tab.

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