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Is Chuck E. Cheese Recycling Pizza?

Wooow! Alright everyone buckle up for this one. When I first saw this I didn’t believe it, but at the same time I didn’t doubt it! I mean come on, it’s Chuck E. Cheese for Christ sake. Have you ever seen the outside of a Chuck E. Cheese? If you were lucky enough to enter one as a child you might have some memory of it. My memories looking back at it now are how it was actually extremely disgusting.

Now, I advise all of you to actually watch this video. You’ll be able to find it on Shane Dawson’s YouTube channel. Yes, it might be an hour and half long, but it got me hooked. It was intertwined with another subject that he was covering with another famous YouTuber, which to not get off topic, was creepy as hell to see how crazy people can be out there. Just go check out the video yourself and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Make sure to have some popcorn and pop ready.

Now look at this pizza from Chuck E. Cheese…

That is just absolutely weird right? I’ve never ever seen a pizza be so uneven in my life. Well after famous YouTuber Shane Dawson came out with this video, Chuck E. Cheese obviously had some major backlash. They came forward and made some statements denying that the pizza is recycled and heated up again for the next customer, but is indeed freshly made from the restaurant kitchen, and that all the dough is fresh. Alright, Chuck. E Cheese, you guys just need to shut up. After watching and seeing more and more images, this place needs a chain-wide shut down. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, because they’re trying to kill all of us with their 100 year old recycled pizza. Never mind all the shit stains all over the restaurants and that pedophile underneath the Chuck E. Cheese costume. Thanks for listening to my rant everyone.

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