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Here’s Johnny

Good day ladies and gents. My name is Johnny Sausage, but you can just call me Johnny Sausage. I’m a podcast personality for the podcast, “On His Tab” which is a podcast about absolutely nothing, and sports.

My cohorts B-Minus and Fournz are two of my best friends from college. All of us have worked or are working in sports in some capacity. Not to mention, sports was a focus of ours in school. With that said, each of us has a unique perspective on the sports world that we feel should be shared with you.

Obviously our brand is very sports-focused, but we understand that sports isn’t for everyone. The three of us have many different passions that may or may not include alcohol, tobacco, gambling, hopeless dating, the Kardashian’s, long work weeks (those are the best), music festivals (those are actually the best), sporting events, and many other passions.

Now that introductions are out of the way, I urge you to give us a listen. Whether it’s during your car ride to work, part of your workout routine, or you just feel like listening to funny shit while you unwind at home, we hope that we can find a place in your lives. Thanks for reading, and next time I promise I won’t be as strenuous on the eyes.

-Johnny Sausage

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Podcast personality, sports fanatic, sausage enthusiast

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