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The Rise Of Young Page Views

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Yesterday YP gave us a reminder of where he came from and how he came to be “@YoungPageviews”.

After watching this video I decided to go back to the humble beginnings of YP. The hire of YP is one of the first things I remember post the Milton to New York move. He came in like a forrest fire and nearly brought HQ down.

So I went to the google machine and searched “Why the fuck is YP working for Barstool dot com?” Immediately I was flooded with endless videos dating back to 2001.

A St. Louis native, YP at first glance was nothing more than just another white rapper but once you get deeper in the rabbit hole you realize that he is extremely talented and lives up to his name of racking up to 55k views in independent videos.

So here’s a look back at his journey to Barstool;

Basement To Barstool (Ep. 1) Hey Pageviews





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